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Westinghouse Antique Refrigerator

westinghouse antique refrigerator

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westinghouse antique refrigerator - 1930's Style

1930's Style Electric Coca Cola Machine

1930's Style Electric Coca Cola Machine

Note: This listing is for the Electric Refrigeration Model.

This is an exact replica of the famous Westinghouse Junior Coke Machine that was so popular in the "Mom and Pop" stores of the 1930's and 40's. This self-serve refrigerated floor chest will be quite a conversation piece at your home or office!

The machine was used where a clerk was present to collect the money, which makes it ideal for home use. Note: there is no bottle mechanism or coin mechanism to get in the way of any use (i.e. cans, potato salad, etc.). It enjoys an all-metal construction with embossing on all sides and under the lid, as the original. It is also the same size as the original. Just like the original, there are wheels for easy moving. Don't miss the bottle opener detail on the outside, either.

Vendo Corporation later purchased this machine from Westinghouse and fitted it with coin-operated top so bottle Cokes could be vended from it. This original machine was made entirely for Coca-Cola, no other brands were used. One of the attractions of this machine is it's beautiful and plentiful embossing, it has the Coca-Cola logo on all four sides as well as under the lid so it could be read when the top was opened. Additionally, it has "ICE COLD" embossed on the front and back. Many had "Five Cents" painted between the Coca-Cola and ICE COLD embossing on the front and rear.

As with all our products, we kept this machine as original as possible, for example, it's made in metal, the rubber seals under the lid are screwed, the cap catcher and bottle opener are exactly like the original and we even included wheels on the bottom like the original for easy movement. Its brilliant red color and contrasting white embossing make it a beautiful addition to the home, recreation room, patio or office. Unlike Vendo, we kept it the way Westinghouse designed it, you open the lid and you have a deep box to place cans,

78% (17)

BKT-Guide to Better Foods Westinghouse-3

BKT-Guide to Better Foods Westinghouse-3

This recipe booklet, "Guide to Better Foods: The Care and Use of Your Westinghouse Refrigerator", is a wonderful piece of ephemera. It is illustrated with usage instructions as well as fabulous vintage recipes--just like Grandma made!

The softcover booklet was published by Westinghouse and is most likely from the 1950s. This booklet is 40 pages long. It measures 5.3" (13.5 cm) wide and 8.25" (21 cm) tall. It is in great vintage condition.

This nostalgic booklet would make a fabulous collectible or could be put to great use in your scrapbook, collage, altered art, card or mixed media projects.

Vintage Westinghouse fridge at Goodwill

Vintage Westinghouse fridge at Goodwill

If I didn't already have a Monitor Top fridge of roughly the same age, I would have been all over this one. It is in amazingly good condition. Don't know if it works, though. They wanted $299 for it.

westinghouse antique refrigerator

westinghouse antique refrigerator

Classic Westinghouse Appliance Product Promo Films DVD: Old Westinghouse Air Conditioner, Refrigerator & Home Appliances Videos

This is a collector's DVD edition of four historic Westinghouse promotional films that have been put onto DVD format. It includes one film from the 1940s and three films from the 1960s. You can't find anything cooler and more retro than Match Your Mood, the hippie refrigerator promo found on this DVD! Table Of Contents: (1) Match Your Mood (1968) - This is a psychedelic commercial for a fancy line of decorator refrigerators! You just have to see this one to believe it - the fridge models came in five different color schemes and had custom fabrics! Bring back the '60s! - 6 Minutes (2) Two Westinghouse Air Conditioner Commercials (1960s) - This is a compilation of two Westinghouse sales promotion videos aimed at motivating the Westinghouse dealers to sell more. In each film, an attractive young woman is the center feature, most likely because the films were directed toward a primarily male sales staff - 12 Minutes (3) Electronics At Work (1943) - An industrial film that scientifically explains electrical tubes. The film is full of footage of industrial machinery and military equipment that utilize these new tubes - 21 minutes

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